Check out the VS265X 2 diver "X" Package electric powered hookah diving equipment shown below.The VS265X electric hookahs are more quiet and eco friendly. You will get 60-90 minutes dive time which can be increased with toolless switch-out of the batteries. The Variable Speed (VS) hookahs draw power only on demand for air rather than continuously running, saving power for longer dives. Contact Us for the best pricing backed by over 40 years in business.

Electric Hookah Diving
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Two Diver "X" Package

· .75 HP sealed DC motor
· Single Head Direct Drive Oilless Compressor
· 60-90 minutes
· 36 pounds, compressor in storage case, without batteries
· 88 pounds, compressor with batteries installed
· 24"L x 18" D x 20" H (in storage case)
VS265X Hookah Dive Gear

The VS265X floating surface hookah features a direct drive compressor, batteries, 60-90 minutes of dive time and has hoses, regulators and towbelts for 2 divers. Two divers can dive to sport diving depths.

· Motor/compressor assembly
· Impact resistant HDPE storage case with lid
· 5 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter
· (2) batteries (PC925), battery charger (12a)
· Owner's Manual
· Intake staff w/dry top, dive flag, float tube
· (1) 60 ft down line with QRS fittings
· (1) QRS Y-Divider
· (2) 20ft diver hoses with QRS fittings
· (2) Brownie's™ hookah regulators
· (2) Brownie's™ Drop Weight Cummerbelts™
· (1) Brownie's economy mesh gear bag